photoI have earned two Master’s degrees (one in Creative writing and one in the Humanities) from San Francisco State University. During the past 30 years, I’ve taught Intro to Composition, Intermediate and Advanced Expository Writing, Creative Writing, 20th Century American Novel, and Great Works of Western Literature at the University of San Francisco (USF), as well as Autobiography & Expository Writing for USF’s former College of Professional Studies. I’ve also tutored for USF’s Writing Center and free-lanced as a writing consultant, teaching business writing classes and coaching individuals in effective business writing.

During these years, I also have written four novels (FLING! was published in July 2015; CURVA PELIGROSA will be published in 2017; FREEFALL: A DIVINE COMEDY will be released in 2018, and TILLIE: A CANADIAN GIRL IN TRAINING will appear in 2019). In addition, I have published reviews, interviews, short fiction, poetry, travel pieces, essays, and memoir in over 150 American and Canadian venues. (See other pages on my blog for more publishing information.

Now that I’ve semi-retired from classroom teaching, I’m eager to use my writing skills in other capacities—editing, proofreading, and copyediting. I can work onscreen or on paper and on large jobs or small. I promise to deliver within budget and will never miss a deadline.

If you’re an independent author, I can provide a final, prepublication proofread. I’ll identify any grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors that have slipped through previous rounds of editing.

Publishers use editors, proofreaders, indexers and designers to ensure that the books they publish meet certain standards that readers have come to recognize and expect. Ignore those standards and you risk disengaging your readers at best and annoying them at worst. I’ll help you avoid that problem.

Proofreading entails more than just looking out for incorrect spelling. I want to make your writing look professional, so I’ll carry out the following on your behalf:

1. Check your grammar and punctuation to ensure that your text is clear and that it makes grammatical sense, though without compromising on readability, context or register
2. Proofread for consistent and correct spelling and syntax, while being sensitive to and respectful of regional variations
3. Remove rogue line- and letter-spaces
4. Respect the difference between rules and style preferences, bearing in mind your authorial voice and intended audience.

My background as a published fiction writer gives me insight into the process that many others in this field do not possess. For example, I can keep track of the key features of your main characters. That way, inconsistencies can more easily be flagged and checked for context (for instance, is it a mistake that a teetotal character has taken an alcoholic drink, or is this a deliberate plot angle?).

I’m looking forward to working with you!


For some projects, an hourly rate makes more sense, especially if I’m mainly rewriting original material. My hourly charge is $50.

I also charge by the page. The established industry standard for a “page” is 250 words. (To figure out your exact page count, divide your word count by 250.) Because a page is defined as 250 words, you do not have to worry about whether or not your manuscript is in the right font or type size before you submit it to me. You can send it “as is” and I’ll edit it for you.

All of my rates are quoted in U.S. dollars, and there is a minimum charge of $50.00 per job. The following rates apply to electronic editing of Microsoft Word documents (using the track changes feature) and hard copy manuscripts. I don’t edit in PDF format because the process takes much longer.

Prices do not include return postage for printed manuscripts. Please anticipate an additional fee for any applicable courier charges. However, most work can be handled through the Internet. Let me know if you have a DropBox or similar account that you would like to use. I can tailor my work process to suit your needs.

If your book or manuscript is already polished and only needs a final read for minor lapses or typos, I can offer you low rates and a quick turnaround time. This service is for the author whose manuscript has already been reviewed by another editor or proofreader and is in the final draft stage. This is the service to request if you are about to go to press, upload your file to the Internet, or otherwise distribute it to your readers.

  • $2.25/page (page = 250 words) when marking hard copy (printout)
  • $2.00/page for corrected electronic copy (MS Word file)


My basic service includes proofing for spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar. If your manuscript has been peer reviewed, workshopped by a writers’ group, or has gone through several drafts to get it to finally say just what you want, this might be the service for you.

  • $3.25/page (page = 250 words) when marking hard copy (printout)
  • $2.95/page for corrected electronic copy (MS Word file)


My most requested service—extended proofreading/line-by-line copyediting includes everything that comes with my basic service package. In addition, I will help you with the overall structure of your manuscript. Is your writing clear? Does it make sense? Is your word choice appropriate? Are there any redundancies or inconsistencies in the plot or narration? Are your characters or situations believable? During the editing process, I will leave you comments and questions in the margin of the document that address these issues and more.

  • $4.25/page (page = 250 words) when marking hard copy (printout)
  • $3.95/page for corrected electronic copy (MS Word)


If your text needs an extensive rewrite or a more aggressive edit, I can help you overhaul it. (Please note, this service is rarely needed. The line-by-line copyediting service is usually adequate at addressing most issues.)

  • $12.00/page (page = 250 words) when marking hard copy (printout)
  • $10.00/page for corrected electronic copy (MS Word)



I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express card payments through PayPal. Money orders are also welcome. I can accept personal checks, but the check must clear before work on a project begins. This can take several weeks, depending on your bank. Arrangements can be made to work on your manuscript in stages if you would prefer not to submit a large project all at once. I require a deposit of fifty percent to begin with. The balance is due upon completion.

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