Shedding Time’s Skin

This rainy day in the SF Bay area has allowed me to hunker down and watch the world go by through the bay window in our living room. A few brave souls skitter along the sidewalk, carrying umbrellas. Cars swish up and down the street, spraying pedestrians as they pass. The rain seems relentless, hardly letting up the whole day, the kind of weather that encourages reflection.

Time’s passing is also inexorable, This twelfth month sheds itself as a snake discards its old skin, the days rolling off the calendar and never returning. The year constantly needs new skin because the old would constrict it, preventing it from growing further.

We shed time in a similar fashion, unable to remain for long in one place. The one thing about time’s ephemeral nature is it is constant: we never will experience this moment again that is quickly sliding out of view. Determined to drag us into the future, it refuses to linger, and we’re left trying to keep up.

If we had something visible to mark our changes as a snake does, it might be easier to recognize that just as the year is constantly going through its cycles, so are we, whether we’re aware of it or not. This leaves me feeling a little melancholy because a few months from now I won’t remember this current emotional state. I’ll have shed more skins, and December 19, 2014, will be history.




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