At the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, outside of Mexico City.

I love this picture my husband Michael took of me after climbing 248 steps to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.  Four months earlier, I had gone through a partial knee replacement for one knee, so for me it was an amazing accomplishment.

Writing requires this kind of exertion, the ability to resist giving in when we’ve received yet another rejection.  Some people call this perseverance.  But is that what it takes to keep writing in the face of adversity, rejection, and lack of recognition?  The word sounds so duty bound, so driven.  To me, a better word is discipline. At its root is disciple, though there are many lovely variations on this word that I actually prefer:  student, follower, learner, devotee.

I’m devoted to following the intricacies of language and where it takes me.  I’m ardent about words and what they evoke in our minds and imaginations—the worlds they create.  And I’m constantly learning, a student of the writer’s craft, eager to open myself each day to the endless possibilities this calling presents.  No wonder I love to write!

I’m including here information about my novels and short fiction, as well as links to articles/reviews and poetry that are available online.  They do not represent everything I’ve published. Please see my page LIST OF LILY’S PUBLICATIONS for a complete overview.

curva final cover

Regal House Publishing released my novel Curva Peligrosa in paper and ebook formats on September 21, 2017. Click these links to order Curva: or reviews for Curva Peligrosa

Watch the Youtube video of the release of Curva Peligrosa

Here is an interview that Kate Raphael from KPFA’s Women’s Magazine had with me about Curva Peligrosa‘s origins. Kate’s interview with me starts about 38 mins into the this tape : 20180108-Mon1300.mp3.


Fling_Frontcover_Low_4-13-15 copy

Pen-L Publishing released my novel Fling! in July 2015. Click this link to order Fling!  or you can find it on Amazon    

Watch the Youtube video of Fling!’s book launch at Book Passage in Corte Madera:

Goodreads reviews for Fling!

Pen-L Publishing will be releasing another novel of mine, Freefall: A Divine Comedy, in 2018.


Cover all this

In October 2011, Little Red Tree Publishing published my poetry collection All This. It’s available at Amazon:

You can view my launch of All This at Book Passage on Youtube:



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For all readers who visit my blog, I hope you’ll also check out Litlovers offers book recommendations and other helpful sources for readers and book clubs. My novels Fling! and Curva Peligrosa are listed there.



  1. Hi Lily, Wanted to introduce myself. Fellow writer in the bay, also in WNBA, also have connections at USF, and a literary novel coming out. The Vines We Planted will be out in May with Wido publishing. I’d love to connect through email if possible? Love your blog and your book cover! Just ordered your book. Thanks!


  2. So it begins. I’ve only created “my blog” just a day or two ago. I’m learning as I go, of course, and there was some thing you posted that caught my eye. I’ll have to go back a locate that post.
    Meanwhile I thought I would drop in and say hello.


  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog, Lily Iona; I am an Australian grandmother living in my 2 acre garden called Iona ( because my great grandfather emigrated from the isle of Iona to S,Aust 1870). I am also interested because I studied some Mexican anthropology for my degree. I live in the state of Victoria. I think you may need to concentrate on Scottish passengers, since the Scottish are said to be ‘fey’.
    All the best, Susan.


  4. Hello there! I am a fellow USF alumni wondering about your experiences on the USS Hornet. How did you come about writting the article? It is so very well written.

    I am one of the former founding directors of the Hornet and am searching for sources to validate the sightings of ghosts on the ship.


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